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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Here we are again...

OP - VOP of the day !
the stone VOPnet - i say vopnet as there is a nested network involved.

on a side note: i wanted to use the render view / IPR on this one whilst experimenting with the stone parameters. at the top of the pane is a drop down list to choose the render output driver. i had to actually create my own instance of mantra to be able to choose it and start the IPR. where as i could use the default mantra driver to start a normal render - with out laying down another mantra node. - clear as mud ? i digress.

the network that is nested inside the stone VP is the cavities vop. Maybe ill look at that next time. For now its good to note that like alot of H's shaders it involves true displacement. From my humble backgrounds in Max- it was a special case when using displacement because of processing power required - these days it seems old hat.

another very important thing for me to keep in the back of my head is that all these shaders that ship with H, are just examples of what can be done - were not limited to these of course - we can make our own shaders. duh !

The stone shader or VOPnet has a bunch of parameters or controls for the artist to twiddle.
eg stone color...etc... well here you go.

i can customise this - this is really just a template for me.
ie instead of stone colour i could add a bitmap like so.

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