Thursday, April 21, 2016

NaN's (not a number)

I first came across this term I stared blankly into the TD's face feeling lost ..."what's a nairn ? " - thinking of Garlic Nairn bread...

Recently they copped up again whilst I was testing my Bullet coin sim  - sometimes I would re-render a small window around them in the render view / IPR environment and they would dissappear - other times they would stick around.

So i dug up some info: (*to be completed soon.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

FLIP render

I've been doing some FLIP sims for a potential job  in H15 with a goal of recording all parameter changes and sim times in an orderly approach.
one factor I failed to overlook how ever so far was scene size in relation to physical parameters
for this look PBR3x3 Render time was 10 mins (milkChocolate Shader with SSS on (0.5))


Render Time: approx. 20 mins (Max samples upped to 32)
Render time: approx. 28 mins (2 levels of reflections and refractions)

slap Comp

Machine Specs:
proc: i7 3930k
OS Win7

particle Sep 0.01
friction 10
Other values are at the defaults
density 1000
viscosity 500
stick scale 0.1

# particles on this frame approx. 3 Million
# frames : 40
# total sim time for all 40 frames: coming soon

bgeo total disk usage: 2.95 GB
compressed bgeo total disk usage : 1.42 GB

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