Thursday, March 17, 2011

ocean surface test

Ive started a pitch for a TVC which ive dubbed UTS - under the sea...
which also involces an out of water shot of the ovean surface and a splash
- so heres a test ive done.

havnt used HOT yet - may possibly get it going in Maya...

pretty happy with this so far though ! :D

some obvious problems -

* some crunchy pixels from a bad slap comp (its past midnight)
* you can see the 'tiling' of my noise 
* reflection of buildings is hacked in
* you can see the seam between the CG ocean and the BG photo....its just a test...
* render settings could be higher...
* i dont  know how or why i animated my hacky DOF  :/

but....shows promise !!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

panorama lens test

testing the polar panorama lens, the big tree is a render from a normal perspective camera, the little trees stacked on top of each other are the same trees - but as viewed through the polar lens (panoramic) projection.

here's a render with a sphere behind the camera and some objects - Left and Right of the camera. 

This is not a fish eye lens effect - its the opposite.

Friday, March 4, 2011

ABC stout

** final ad now on youtube **

A crazy Ad ! in conjuntion with Kanuka Studios and

My role was to develop some Lava Sims to be comped into the Matte Paintings by Emerald City.

I also did some rough modeling, some rigging, some lighting ,
and even some rough animation ! all in Houdini.

From the start we decided to go with FLIP fluids for the lava sims.
Thanks Jeff Lait for your excellent, invaluable MasterClass.

a lava sim - not used in the ad...

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