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Friday, March 21, 2008


heres a sequence of experiments on the mosaic VOP.
i wasnt sure what the "Super Saturate" toggle would do - it only gave .me black renders.

from left to right, top row firsat bottom row second:

default render - just a moisaic VOP joined to the output
the mandril is mapped to every primitive.

some UVs attached to s and t. you can see the mosaic vop doing its thing.
its basically breaking up the image into cells. this could be used for creating cracks in geometry.
wha ? yes - in houdini im convinced these 2D operations can easily be converted to 3D operations through various SOPS. very powerful indeed.

less noise and more cells in the mosaic.
this maths must be very similar to that filtyer in Photoshop - you know the one....pixelate -> crystalise.

but surely this can be more interesting ?
lets try some more things...

how about noise in the normal input ?

lower freq noise in both the normals and the UVs...

lower freq noise in just the UVs but NOT the normals...

low freq noise in the cell jitter

and finally all combined with noise also in the cell border width:
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