Sunday, May 24, 2009

working in Melbourne

well we cant use Houdini ALL the time....shame...but im having a long awaited excursion in Maya now.

lots of information to come....if only i had time.

future topics could include:

fur/fur card generation in Houdini and transfer to Maya for rendering
  • with the new service pack from Maya, we can import vertex colours through FBX
  • in Houdini - the normals on the fur can be blended into the normals on the skin for better fur to skin blending
  • LODs on fur cards
grease and Mud with nParticles in Maya and Houdini
poly + voxel Dust in Houdini and Maya

rendering with nParticles from Maya Unlimited- on Maya Complete !

Mel script and equivalents in Houdini
  • in this production i learnt a bit about Mel from Pawell Grochola (Dneg)
    , Joe Leveson (FrameStore / RSP / Fuel) and Jess Curtis (Fuel)
we used scripts for :
  • generating Lighting passes, and rendering FUR geometry
  • importing and exporting scene assets / general scene mangaement
  • importing obj sequences and animating the visibility like stop-mo


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