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Thursday, March 27, 2008

some oddities - car paint shader

reference:note here the reflection seems to be tinted red.
the blue sky in the ref looks pink or purple - which means the red is affecting it

looking at this net work has raised a few questions.

how do i incorporate this into pbr ?

why does the exp vop only have one input ?

i looked into the help files for this.
i was thinking the exp vop would do what the power or pow vop does but it only has one input.

from wikipedia, you can express it as e^x where 'e'
(eulars number is approximately 2.718281828)

so putting in 2 to the exp vop would yield 2.7182... squared ?
better check.

i made a quick VOP sop and applied the exp VOP to the x coord on a small box.
by reading the node information - the min x bound on the box before the VOP sop was .05 and after was .1.05107 - which worked out the same using a calculator. well there ya go...what does it all mean im not sure yet. :D

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