Thursday, January 27, 2011

what ive been reading....

Still on holiday , so sorry, no serious 3D posts yet...

some VFX from the Black Swan

sony stock footage - new spiderman 2 footage of manhatten

vfx guide have an article on the HP7 animation (the story of the 3  brothers)

do it yourslelf HDRI

CIS Vancouver

why cant i run firefox in ubuntu ?

back up the files in the home directory / mozilla / firefox
then delete them
or just move them to a new folder like 'bak' or something

Thursday, January 20, 2011

chromatic aberration post from aeons ago updated...

see old chromatic abherration post...

updated with link to fantastic photography from Andrew Schneider...

im still here !

Happy New Yr, Happy Brthday to me, thank you to all whom made it fun,
just thought id pipe in and let ppl know - if anyone still reads this blog....that ive been resting and relaxing and im still alive - and plan to get back deeper than ever into learning new stuff in Houdini and sharing it here :)

Thx Raph and Fi, for the holiday ! the surf was awesome  !!!
Photos soon....

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