Saturday, December 20, 2008


Assemble HDA

new to 9.5 is the assemble HDA.
I first stumbled on this when i used a shelf tool to make a RBD Glue object. The Assemble HDA was automatically added just like the Auto Dopnet is added.

From the help file, Assemble is used in conjunction with Break and Shatter. Gone are the days of manually cutting up your model it seems ! The Break SOP already has bundled in it a fractalised grid or box or sphere - your choice, and boolean / Cookie operations that break the model up into seperate pieces for you !

Shatter goes one step further and allows multiple breaks by uisinfg the foreach SOP to re-iterate breaks over your object. I chose 10 breaks - and it bogged down quite a bit.

Once you have a bunch of 'shards' or pieces, you generally want to group these into their own groups with a common group prefix name, allowing you to use RBD fracture or RBD Glue DOPS to complete the sim.

This is where Assemble comes in. (Shatter already has an Assemble HDA bundled in it).

Assemble essentially uses a connectivity SOP and a partition
SOP to group all the pieces and give them a common prefix to the group names. It also has some options for edge cusping and faceting.

If the broken object is made Dynamic - Assemble is added automatically - as it did for me.

hers some more links:
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