Thursday, January 21, 2010

missing motion blur ? borrow some V !

from gmail chat:
i did a nifty trick today ! (thanx Dave !)

...well nifty for me...

one of my frames for some reason had no motion blur
so on the previous frame and the frame after
i locked copies of the nodes.

Then took the velocity (v) off those - averaged them in a VOPSOP and which also applied the new v to the frame with the missing v.
then a switch SOP to switch between the old node and the fixed node for just that frame !

i feel like the attribute nodes are finally less abstract for me
i think i just needed a practical example of usage to feel comfortable with it

in the image - you can see 2 different ways of achieving this - the first method i used - on th e left is more kunky - more nodes - but it works. The second - the almighty VOPSOP is so elegant !

inside the VOPSOPS are 3 new nodes !

COPS bugs

I know theres a few bug in COPS - but heres one i hadnt seen before

converting from 16 bit tif to 8 bit in a ROP - i got some really funky output.
soon solved however with a conevrt COP before the ROP

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