Saturday, November 1, 2008

monthly research : IFD files

the IFD (Image File Descriptor ?) files in Houdini / mantra are the equivalent of the RIB files for Renderman -
they are a description of the 3D scene for that frame.

from the help files:
ifd is the file format produced by houdini..and consumed by mantra.
The IFD file contains a complete description of the scene and how to render it.

you can render an image directly from an ifd file in the shell without opening houdini simply type:

mantra < [the name of the ifd file]

I wonder what an ifd looks like if i open it ?

heres one i made from houdini:

IFD created by Houdini Version: 9.5.255
# Generation Time: Nov 05, 2008 at 14:14:24
# Render Defs: /lv0/opt/hfs9.5.255_linux_x86_64/houdini/soho/
# HIP File: /lv0/tbe/shots/6_4/hip/6_4_ink_wire_tweak_v08_t02_dp.hip, $T=16.44, $FPS$

# Output driver: /out/ink_wire_BG1
ray_version VEX9.5.255
setenv HIP = "/lv0/tbe/shots/6_4/hip"
ray_property object velocityscale 0.02
# Retained geometry
# SOP /obj/rs_holdout_map1/geo1/RENDER
# Save geometry for /obj/rs_holdout_map1/geo1/RENDER at time 16.44
ray_start geo # {

ray_detail /obj/rs_holdout_map1/geo1/RENDER stdin


...and the rest is garbled by my text editor - pico.
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