Sunday, June 1, 2008

ICP, Isixpack, BIC (rangi sutton)

ICP - convert images to rat format for better memory usage in Houdini.

after typing in a shell (in a houdini environment)
i get:

icp copies one image file to another, optionally performing simple

icp [options]

some options

-u output uncompressed if supported
-v turn on verbose
-f flip vertically
-F flip horizontally
-R flop image 90 degrees couter clock wise
-r scale to w x h res.
-s scale to a percent of the original
-c crop area in UV coords
-C crop area in pixels
-P include planes at the specified indices
-L load with cineon LUT
-O save with cineon lut
-N do not convert cineon from 10 bit log

isixpack takes 6 images and makes a reflection map in rat format.

type for help

% isixpack -


from the help - there is 3 ways to convert images.
1. through COPS
2. converting in MPLAY
3. isixpack - mentioned above


what i was really after was the bic command (written by rangi Sutton)

the bic command converts images between formats.

Usage: bic -i -o [-e] image_file_names

Takes each of the image files specified with image_file_names and converts them
to image files of the format specified with the output_format. The files
specified with image_file_names should be image files of the type specified
with the -i input_format.

Valid file formats are:

pic jpg jpeg tga gif gif89 rgb sgi yuv pict pix cin tx rat exr

Input files should have these suffixes. eg myrender.rgb
Requires a valid Sidefx Houdini License.

Written by Rangi Sutton on 20/3/97 for HM3d Graphics Systems

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