Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Feet 2...winding up seems ive just about finished working on Happy Feet2,
my first contract on a fully animated feature.

It's quite surreal. Suddenly after the last few weeks of intense 12 hour days, 7 days a week...there is nothing to do ? Currently im waiting (watching EdCatmull talking about successes and failures in the industry) for what could be my final shot , my final input to the film to be given the final review - so i can publish the particle FX and it can move down the pipe and be lit and rendered, and comped for the final output.

With out sounding pompous, I should thank a few people. Ben Simons and Rangi Sutton for giving me the chance to work on this amazing feature. Dave Brown, Rob East, Christian Hernandez and Sam Hodge for also giving me references to get a foot in this door. Thx guys.

Thanks to Jason Simmons, Goncalo Cabaca and Marc Picco for putting up with me....sometimes I slightly bash my keyboard when things dont go right :)

Definitely a learning experience, and quite a frustrating one. I'm very glad its almost over. All of the imagery I've seen in the system is looking spectacular, so definitely go and see it at the cinemas ! 

teaser trailer:
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