Friday, April 22, 2011

UTS Test Images

As mentioned last month ive been working on a test for a TVC, amongst the training videos and Kanuka stuff.
This morning I received an email saying the client wants to take it further which is very exciting. Would also be nice to be back paid for the 3 weeks work i put in.

here's some images in no particular order:

initial plankton test

bubble test
 - need a better HDRI image

splash from above
 - pops and metaballs - but no skydome - hence the black reflections
splash from above
 - pops and metaballs with skydome as phantom
 for better reflections

Fish Eye lens Effect from Vray - color corrected in COPS
Vray / TurboSquid pre-rolled ocean

My splash popnet - showing particles colliding and sticking with 
the animated ocean surface in orange.(from the side)

FLIP splash sim (from above)
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