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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

matching the plate

instead of doing what i used to do and line up geo
in the viewport - albeit a big one,  with a bg image plate...

now i make my objects render with a wireframe
shader, and zoom in on the region i need to match
and render only that little area.

With a wire frame shader - on the geometry it becomes really
quick - almost intereactive - so in one view i can edit or transform my geometry and in the other i can see the wireframe render update over the plate and i can get a much better match.

* rendering at 2048x1172 gives you much clearer idea if your geo is accurate anough - but theres no point if your rndering at less res than your screen res - you may as well just line it up in the viewport ! :)

...kinda reminds me of using max's virtual viewport. :)

you can do a virtual viewport in Houdini as well...a post for another day.
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